“The way leads to healthy body with bamboo salt” we mention above does not mean to simply take some bamboo salt in order to achieve the purpose of health recuperation. But to treat bamboo salt as main food while the other natural healthy products as supplements, accompanying “proper food consumption + proper circulation + proper temper” to achieve a kind of natural therapy enriched with connotation.

Proper food = Unpolluted food +food with balance nutrition + detoxified food

Proper circulation = Blood cleansing + the circulation over the whole body

Proper temper = Positive mind > Produce right substances; Negative mind > Produce evil substances

Proper food consumption =/ Healthy; Proper circulation =/ Healthy; Proper temper =/ Healthy

But, Proper food consumption + proper circulation + Proper temper = Healthy

Bamboo salt therapy has seized the key of all modern diseases tightly, for instance: long-term accumulation of toxins, invasion of chronic diseases, refractory diseases and so on. It brings up three stages of recuperating principle-detoxification, self recovery, health care and longevity pertinently at the right time in order to gain an excellent effect in practice.

The first stage: The period of body cleansing (90 days)

The so-called “body cleansing” is an advance recuperating method. It mainly aims at the sufferers whose bodies are badly acidic and the internal organs are severely damaged by modern diseases. These people suffer from those refractory diseases, like diabetes, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, high blood fat. Through the method of bamboo salt consumption and intestine cleansing, the method can maximally discharge toxins in body, purify internal condition and strengthen immunity. It lays a strong foundation for the second phase of the bamboo salt therapy. There are three-phases of detoxification through cleansing the body.

  1. Three-day immune adaptation period. On the first three days’ bamboo salt consumption, sufferers shouldn’t take more than 3 grams of bamboo salt. This is because bamboo salt itself consists of powerful ability of penetration and detoxification. A sudden consumption at a great amount may cause inadaptable feeling and even a drastic reaction to some particular patients or those who do not adapt to salt. Finally, such issue may also cause some antipathy against the salt on the patients so these people may no longer be willing to consume bamboo salt again. Therefore, the principle of gradual and orderly progress is essential to implement the bamboo salt therapy.
  2. Intestine cleansing with bamboo salt. After three-day adaptation period, sufferers may proceed intestine cleansing. In accordance with the sufferers’ condition, sufferers can continuously proceed the intestine cleansing for three days to seven days.
  3. While proceeding intestine cleansing, sufferers also need to consume 10 grams of bamboo salt daily.

The second stage: Self-recovery period (120-270 days)

Self-recovery period means that the sufferers have entered a formal bamboo salt therapy after the process of “detoxification through cleansing the body.” During the period of time, the toxins inside the bodies may thoroughly cleanse, body health may be better and better, the functions of all internal organs may recover comprehensively and immunity may be enhanced. Gradually decreasing drug intake may also be a great help to the bodies’ conditions. During the period of self-recovery period, except consuming bamboo salt, sufferers may also take some food supplements in accordance with their health conditions. Different diseases may need different self-recovery ways and food consumption.

The third stage: The period of health care (undated)

At the juncture, the bodies have got a basic recovery or stable health conditions after the period of self-recovery in the bamboo salt therapy. From now on, what these people may aim at is to take appropriate food, a scientific consumption habit, proper exercise, calm and excellent mind to create healthy bodies and build up own longevity.