Why do we say bamboo salt is a rare anti-ageing food?

Bamboo salt is a rare anti-aging food and its anti-ageing effectiveness is not something that the other health-care products can compare with. How is bamboo salt against ageing? To understand this problem, we first have to understand why people become aged. For the mystery of human ageing, local and foreign scientists and medical scientists have made hundreds of definitions. But the latest research results show that the ageing of a human body is mainly due to the microcirculation.

The human heart is like a pump, is the driving force of blood flow; the blood vessels which distribute the whole body, are the major “rivers” of blood flow; and the capillaries over the whole body, are like “small tributaries” and “irrigation canals.” A human body mainly relies on human blood transporting nutrients and removing waste. If the capillaries become blocked, human tissues and organs will therefore become aging. Therefore, the abilities of the flow and perfusion of capillary give a significant impact which directly determines whether the human body becomes aged.

The abnormal micro-circulation of a human body may affect the inter-organizational exchange of nutrients and the remove of waste so the human aging and diseases will soon appear; On the contrary, a healthy micro-circulation will stave aging and achieve longevity. The study also found that a person with slight change in microcirculation, whose inner functions may timely be adjusted, treated and improved so as to slow down the aging process. A person with normal micro-circulation may also strengthen the disease prevention and health care.

We know that the characteristic of salt is “born in the fire.” Bamboo salt uses sea salt as the raw materials, combining with bamboo, loess, resin, to be barbequed at high temperature for nine times and made. The particle of bamboo salt became smaller and finer at the high heat; the greater bamboo salt’s energy we may gain if the particles are smaller and more delicate. More important point is that salt helps the flow of blood. Once bamboo salt enters the blood, it not only purifies the blood but also cleans up the impurities on the vessel wall. Bamboo salt, with its fine texture and high energy, improves the capillaries’ force in order to clean up the capillaries, clear the entire internal environment, fully solve the problems of microcirculation and enhance the vitality of the human body. Furthermore, bamboo salt, as a natural health food, can be continuously supplied and eaten so as to perform the function of anti-aging constantly.

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