Salt is a basic food – The first knowledge of natural health

Salt is a basic food – The first knowledge of natural health

Salt is indispensable for supporting life. It isn’t merely a “flavoring”, but a basic food in our daily diet. The value of salt first embodies its “necessity” to life. Not only shows its importance to human being’s life, animal and plant’s life, but also every single life included in the aspect. If salt intake is not enough in one’s body, the body will appear the phenomenon of lack of energy- dizziness- swelling-muscle spasm- typhoid- dehydration- heart numb. It is medically called the “Lacking salt disease”. An interesting point for the disease is that it not only happens on human bodies, but also animals’ body. Therefore, people will consciously add some salt into the fodder when they rear the domesticated poultries like cows, swine, rabbits and ducks.

Everything in this world is dependent on the energy of salt to live on. Therefore, the kind and merciful creator of the world creates three quarters of the Earth proportions into this “boundless” briny tasted ocean. The story goes that if all of sea water was made into salt, then the salt would be able to cover the whole Earth with thickness at 100 meter.

In the ancient times, our ancestors regarded salt as a second important basic food after rice. But, people nowadays have become more extravagant in their living standard, as well as the choice of basic food; salt has consequently become a kind of flavoring to add taste to various food. As a kind of flavoring, salt, sugar and monosodium glutamate are named in the same state. But, it isn’t a big deal to miss sugar or monosodium glutamate in adding taste into the food we consume. Some people don’t even add them into their food. Salt is in fact the only flavoring that cannot be pressed for in a meal. Without salt, food becomes awfully tasted and tasteless.

The studies have showed that there are a lot of needful components that every living thing lives on found under the ocean. (more than 60 kinds of minerals and trace elements). Particularly, the salinity of sea water is very similar to the juice of human body. Some researchers have said that it is one of the markings between the sea and mankind. The difference is that the salinity of the ocean is up to 35 while the salinity of the juice of human body is only up to 9. This is an inevitable and also a natural result, brought by the history of life. Salt has become a part of our bodies in the mass. Therefore, salt consist of an extreme close relationship with human being physically. By the token, a human being who lives on without salt is just like “a fish leaves the ocean” therefore we can’t neglect the existence of the salt.

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