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HKIII – Korean Bamboo Salt, Natural Wild Honey, Skin Improvement

HKIII Bamboo Salt Pearl Honey is formulated by the natural wild honey, Korean bamboo salt, and pearl to form an alkaline nutrition-balance and high-energy food provider.
According to medical analysis, when the amino acids, trace minerals, calcium carbonate and other elements are absorbed by the intestines and through tissue surfaces as well as by the glands, via oral consumption, it regulates the body’s internal excretion, stimulates metabolism, strengthens blood circulation through capillaries, enhances the functions of organs and etc.
Both external and internal use will give the resulting effects.
The product is suitable for skin improvement.


✅ Promote better skin and radiant appearance
✅ Enhance brain and body growth and development
✅ Whitening effect, anti-aging
✅ Anti-oxidation, strengthen immune system
✅ Enhance body strength, replenish essential nutrients
✅ Anti-bacteria
✅ Enhance menstrual regulation for women
✅ Enhance digestive and nervous system, reduce cholesterol and blood fat

Way of Consumption

Mixing 2-4 teaspoons of Bamboo Salt Pearl Honey with 250ml plain water.
The best time for consuming Bamboo Salt is morning (empty stomach) and 1 hour before bedtime.

Nutritional Value

18 amino acids, 70-80 minerals and trace elements, 3-7 natural sugar, vitamin B complex, vitamin C phyrin, metal phyrin, pH8.0 – 9.0, infra-red inhibitor, anti-oxidants.


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