Why should mothers be encouraged to consume more bamboo salt?

As we know that the mother is the embodiment of love so motherly love is sacred and noble. However, we do not know that love has a great need for energy particularly. Due to the rapid development of society, more and more mothers contribute themselves into work. Having the need to work, they have to take care of the families at the same time. The responsibilities usually cause the mothers exhausted so we often find that many young mothers are in difficult situations. A more profound reason is that these young mothers eat less high-energy food so the bodies lack of high-energy substances to support them therefore the attitudes like the lack of patience or lack of tolerance may specifically manifested on their children. Life requires a health body, wisdom and also loves because love is the noblest, the most difficult and in need of the most high-energy substances. Only with this kind of conditions, one will possibly love the other on the other hand to receive loves.

In fact, not only mothers need to eat more bamboo salt, but also all the modern people living on the earth. Giving less mutual love and mutual tolerance to each another but modern people are mostly filled up with full of mutual recriminations and mutual hatred. These are not merely the performances of the inability to love, but it mainly reflects the truth that modern people lack of inner energy. Then, how does the lack of energy generate? It has a close relation to many aspects, including the modern polluted era, modern consumption of food produced from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and the inability of modern people’s absorption and digestion.

Bamboo salt not only provides the materials that digestive juice needs but also continues to part nutrient off in order to improve the absorptive rate of nutrition of food. Moreover it upgrades the nutrition of food to high-energy substances. It therefore possesses the ability of love.

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