Why do modern people choose sodium chloride? Where does the imperfection of Sodium chloride mainly reflect to the body?

Modern people have no to take sodium chloride into the bodies. With the development of modern industries, together with the marine pollutions, all kinds of impurities and contaminants have flown into the sea thus the sea salt can’t directly be consumed. To human safety and health, we have no choice to carry out the traditional processing on sea salt. What kind of processed salt will be beneficial for body health? The general idea that people choose chemical extraction in processing method is they would rather give up all minerals in salt in order to clear all toxins away. As the result, the impurities and contaminants in sea salt at the same time the components that human cells need are removed, leaving only sodium and chloride ions and other chemical additives.

The former and direct purpose to process salt into sodium chloride is to remove pollutants and impurities in salt. Its starting point is for the human health. Due to the purpose, the sodium chloride has also blocked potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, iron, selenium, iodine and so on that human cells require even though the demand of the elements can be very trivial. And this removed work demands on a natural, holistic and harmonious way, instead of the synthetic chemical extraction approach.

Having disrupted the original state of salt, Sodium chloride penetrates into human cells in a strange, arbitrary, forceful way so that the performance of human cells often response unexpected disorders. From the original assumption, the minerals which lack in sodium chloride can actually be obtained from vegetables, grain, meat and eggs as well as other supplements; however the heavy use of pesticides and fertilizer, land compaction and nutrient loss have made the minerals in plants and food become less and less. Mineral deficiency, especially the deficiency of trace elements, has become a main cause of modern diseases on modern people.

Salt, namely as a vector for absorbing minerals and trace elements, focuses on the supply of minerals and trace elements. There is no substitution for the purpose. Sodium chloride can’t possibly complete this mission, which is an unavoidable flaw of Sodium chloride.

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