The methods of bamboo salt consumption

How to consume bamboo salt can be a profound knowledge. Due to the different methods of its consumption, these distinctive methods offer different therapeutic benefits. The methods of consumption below are proven to be the most efficacious by experiments:

The first method: “Hold-in-mouth” method

What makes the method admirable is to hold bamboo salt in mouth. It is just like the way we held sweets in our mouth when we were young anytime in any places. But now, we hold 3 to 5 grains of bamboo salt in mouth then our saliva will slowly melt them in our mouth. Finally, swallow the mixture. There isn’t any restriction of place and time for the consumption throughout the day. The frequency of the consumption is dependent on one’s condition, generally around 30 to 50 times a day. Take 10 grams of bamboo salt and above a day.

Texture: The miraculous effect of saliva has caught worldwide attention. Pitifully, the moderns nowadays are getting nature further and further away, they don’t even understand what saliva is used for. There is only a little saliva left in their mouth. Bamboo salt is able to create a lot of saliva which can saturate every cell of our body with great speed, so that the miraculous effect of bamboo salt can fully be embodied in the best way in the fastest time.

Index of effect: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars)

The second method: Cross-consumption

Bamboo salt is not a kind of sweets after all. Holding too much salt in mouth will eventually numb our tongue. For many patients, despite its efficacious effect, it is still difficult to hold 10 grams of bamboo salt in mouth throughout a day. Here, we recommend the second method, called cross-consumption, is to hold bamboo salt in mouth at the same time to adopt the other bamboo salt consuming methods. Specifically, patients have to hold 5 grams of bamboo salt in mouth a day while another 5 grams of salt can be consumed through dipping fresh vegetables like onions, cucumbers, tomato into it; or mixing it into some cold dish directly. Recommendation: it should be eaten raw and served cold; instead of eaten cooked and served hot. Take 10 grams of bamboo salt and above a day.

ATTENTION: This method is not available for the bamboo salt roasted for 3 times, it must be the bamboo salt roasted for 6 to 9 times.

Index of effect: ★ ★ ★ ★ (4 stars)

The third method of consumption: Roast garlic consumption
Roast garlic in charcoal fire or on a pan before meals. Afterwards, consume it by dipping the roasted garlic into bamboo salt. This is the best method for those stomach cancers and liver cancers.

Index of effect: ★★★★(4 stars)

The fourth method: Soup boiling consumption

Boil soup with ginger (75 grams), licorice (50 grams), dates (25 grams) and water (3 liters). Sprinkle 15 grams of bamboo salt after it refrigerates. Consume the soup then. Ginger is able to neutralize the toxins in food while licorice is able to neutralize the toxins in drugs. Besides that, dates can exerts both utmost efficacy.

Index of effect: ★★★(4 stars)

The fifth method: “Cool water” consumption

Mix bamboo salt into cool water or cool milk, soy bean milk or tea and consume. Take 10 grams of bamboo salt and above a day, too.

*2 things to draw your attention:

First thing: Not to consume bamboo salt with hot water

Second thing: Consume bamboo salt in proper sequence. There is a three-day immunization period, especially for those who have just initiated the bamboo salt consumption. Do not exceed 10 grams of bamboo salt in these three days.

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