Magical bamboo salt – The Crystallization of the wisdom over a Millennium

Magical bamboo salt – The Crystallization of the wisdom over a Millennium

The ancient salt roasting method has been transmitted in folk for a donkey’s years.
In fact, our ancestors had a strong interest in roasting salt long ago. Ancient medical books, both “Shen Nong Meteria Medica” and “Compendium of Materia Medica”, have already recorded some definitions about salt. 5 thousands years ago, medicine was not well developed, China’s ancestors therefore fried salt or stuffed the bamboo tubes with salt and roasted them for several times so as to use the salt as a digestive agent when indigestion or digestive problems caused. It was also used as a styptic or anti-inflammatory agent when injury was caused and treated as toothpaste, toothbrush or even eye drops to clean the teeth and eyes. At that time, this ancient salt was called the “refined salt” or “fried salt.”

Today, we can still find people roasting bamboo salt in this way in some regions and temples in South of China to replace it as a kind of drug.

Back to nature, the implication of Oriental Philosophy

The studies have found that bamboo salt, from its production till the selection of their raw materials, is guided by the principle of returning to nature throughout and run through the “heaven, Earth and human-in-one” oriental philosophy. The ancient oriental theory of “Ying & Yang” and “Five Elements, has adequately embodied in the process of bamboo salt production. In fact, the theory of five elements of Yin and Yang is true and meaningful even from the viewpoint of science. Everything in this world is formed by “metal, wood, water, fire and earth”, these five elements, furthermore they constitute the material world. Therefore, it is very natural to explain that these five elements are complimentary to one another.

Bamboo trunk, used to fill bamboo salt in, consists of the eastern qualities of woods; pinewood, used to roast the bamboo salt, consists of the southern qualities of heat; loess, used to seal up the opening, consists of the central region’s qualities of earth; sea salt consists of the western qualities of gold. In addition, bamboo, sea salt and loess, three of them consist of the northern qualities of water. With the combination of the East, South, West, North, center, and its special method of production, proceeded in a tranquil, peaceful and serene forest by rivulets and mountains, bamboo salt can be said to be a substantial unique food for human being.

A wonderful combination of the essence of the heaven and the earth

This is a very imaginative combination:
The marine (on behalf of sea salt): contains dozens of minerals which animals and human being requires, is the origin of life.
• Earth (on behalf of loess): contains the food and vegetables we eat, all of these are from the earth, is the home we live at.
Forest (on behalf of pine and bamboo): contains the spirit of heaven and earth and take the glitter of the Sun and the Moon. When the sky glistens with stars, green grass lays the back at the field.

Who is the one? Who dares imagine to put the marine, the land, the forest and the rules of “five elements of yin and yang” together in order to obtain mutual penetration, mutual complement and mutual enrichment until mutual balance, so that to create a new special type of food – bamboo salt?

Only oriental does, especially the oriental who possess ancient wisdom.

Roasting and smelting – giving birth to new life

The birth of bamboo salt is dependent on an imaginative combination of raw materials, it is definitely not a simple enumeration like1 +1 = 2, but it comes with a profound feeling of certainty on the nature of life, is also things in this material world re-exists under the tension of the five elements of Ying and Yang. This is only a part of the miracle, in order to become a true kind of high-energy material, it is also necessary to choose a particular way to amalgamate all these organic materials. In the process of amalgamation, it is essential to achieve the reciprocity in both insufficiencies and combine the strong points until the formation of perfection. In this point, there is a basic distinction between the simple enumeration like 1+1=1and the technique refined by a single or several substances by rote. Its energy, efficacy is 1 +1 ≥ 2.

In that case, what is used for penetration? What is used for the combination? It’s fire!

Magical fire

Our ancestors used their foresight to choose fire as a vector environmentally, unprecedentedly in the advance. It makes the bamboo salt be a unique kind of foodstuff formed by the substances such as common sea salt, loess and pine, these unrelated materials from their surface. Bamboo salt is said to be unique. It surely is. This is because it is not a general substance yet a foodstuff with high and exceeding energy. Among many reasons, roasting bamboo salt with fire is the most important factor to form these special characteristics of bamboo salt.

What is “roasting”?

Take the Chinese word “烤” apart.  The word <<火>>, “fire” adds on the word <<考>>,  “test” aside, that is the formation of <<烤>>, “roasting”. It means that after the combustion, fire and the substances-being-burned can perfectly be combined. Fire is the best carrier to transform something rotten into something wonderful. This is the most scientific method to enhance the qualities of all materials and change their natures through pyrogenation at high temperature.

In the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, Chinese renowned medical scientists LI Shi Zhen once mentioned that salt should best be roasted before use. In what reason that salt should be roasted before use? Moderns nowadays are completely unable to understand the wisdom of the ancients. Reputedly, salt was non-toxic at that time therefore there wasn’t any contamination’s problems. But why did the ancients roast the salt unnecessarily? The answer is simple in fact: roasting and heating up salt are not merely to remove contamination, also to strengthen energy; it is not only for daily diet, also used as emergency medicine. In other words, common salt will produce the nature of drugs after being roasted. This is a great discovery of our ancients. This simple method of transforming the generality to miracle reflects the wisdom of our ancestors fair and square.

What is fire after all?

In the eyes of the ancients, fire is only a kind of gas but isn’t a texture indeed. Fire is formed by the heaven and the earth, can destroy everything on the land. It still consists of wizardly unlimited uses. Now, in the scientific point of view, fire is a kind of energy. It can change the nature of materials once the objects are burned; fire can destroy thousands of lives meanwhile give birth to new lives; fire can transform energy, remove and release energy.

Why do we use pinewood fire to roast bamboo salt?

Pine tree grows tall and mighty, is an evergreen plant. It not only possesses the nature of wood, but also consists of vigorous and immortal vitality. The bark of pine is thick and rich in resin. Even if it is burned by fire at high temperature, it keeps its warmth everlastingly. A deal of efficacy is found in bamboo salt,  for instance: getting rid of the old cells and promoting the new cells, promoting metabolism, giving an amazing restorative capacity, high-energy, super-vitality… …and so on. All of these characteristics are originally from the power of pines.

Why is bamboo salt able to exert miraculous effect on any physiques, any toxins and any modern diseases? Is it because bamboo salt has attentively reunited the ancient oriental wisdom and charm? It is so far a mystery. Bamboo salt is active, high-energy, not harmful to a human body and non-toxic side effects. It is profound, simple, wisdom hidden. Bamboo salt flickers the light of the wisdom of the East and comes with an extremely special miraculous effect.

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