The king of detoxified food- The fifth knowledge on natural health

It is now an era full of pollution, the rice, meat, vegetables and fruits we eat, and even the air we breathe and water we drink, almost none of them is free from being polluted. Besides, we haven’t even seen any signs of reduction in the number of people who smoke, drink and get addict in drug abuse so far. Therefore, it isn’t alarmist to say modern people are having a kind of “toxic life”.

Bamboo salt and drug prevention

The accumulation of waste is considered a kind of toxin. It can cause many diseases in one’s body and is also the “peace breaker” to cause modern women’s skin rough and dry furthermore to make them look fierce and sullen. In fact, the toxins which are stored up in bodies are called “constipation”.

One of China’s medical scientists, Wong Chong Zhao once mentioned: If one hopes to gain longevity, his bowels needs cleansing regularly. Bamboo salt, as a digestive material helps the excretion of saliva and gastric juices so as to digest food completely.

On the other hand, it extends the antiseptic power to the maximum so that to control the abnormal taint caused by bacteria and toxins maximally. Besides that, after 9 times repeated roasting at high heat, the impure substances in salt, like heavy metals, have maximally been eliminated.

In the other words, bamboo salt is a kind of natural food free from pollution. There aren’t any side effects no matter how much you take. It is truly the “blockage of toxins”.

Bamboo salt and detoxification

Modern people consume processed food and meat products excessively and cause insufficient minerals in the body. The deficiency in the minerals may cause dystrophy which is the key to the formation of toxins. A body with balance nutrient may transform or neutralize the toxins, so that the toxins will not be contaminated in the body.

In other words, balance may produce neutralization while neutralization may stimulate detoxification because there are dozens of minerals in bamboo salt and they are beneficial for transforming and neutralizing a variety of toxins. (Deficiency in minerals means decomposition) Bamboo salt, with its excellent electric ion to maintain balance, convert and neutralize a variety of toxins and other functions, is a treasure vault of minerals.

Take a little of bamboo salt after drinking liquor; it can help drinkers sober up instantly. Or, take some bamboo salt before drinking; it helps drinkers get doubled capacity for liquor. This also illustrates the other side of the detoxified function.

Bamboo salt and drug removal

Sweat is tasted salty; the excreta of human being also contains salinity as well. This has indicated that salt is willing to “sacrifice together with toxins” and eliminate all the waste and rubbish out of the body. This is the real portraiture of how bamboo salt functions its detoxification. Bamboo salt in particular possesses the super-powerful penetration and detoxification, as well as osmotic actions. It not only cleanses particular inner organs, but also the whole body from blood to cells without any slips.

There is always a big difference between food and drugs. Most of drugs possess a driving inhibition to some certain diseases pitifully drugs themselves possess toxins on the other hand therefore they will sometimes endanger body health in some circumstances.

Contrarily, despite food’s inability to cure certain diseases, it aims at nourishing the viscera and inner parts in the whole body and strengthening the vitality, immune system and so on.