Isn’t bamboo salt a kind of salt? Why is it alright to eat more?

Different production methods have decided the differences between bamboo salt and refined salt in their natures. The nature of one material is constituted by its methods of composition. Different compositions may bring different natures of materials. For example: The DNA of mankind is only 2% different from gorilla’s but the 2% has decided that mankind and gorilla are fundamentally different. Refined salt is an acidic substance with pH value of 6; bamboo salt is an alkaline substance. Its pH value is between 9 and 11. The sodium chloride content is at 99.8 percent in refined salt, is almost a pure sodium chloride; however the sodium chloride content is between 88% and 96% in bamboo salt meanwhile a wide range of trace elements and minerals are contained in it. They help neutralize and clear toxicity quickly and thoroughly. This is not possible for any other medications. On the other hand, it is safe, reliable without any negative effects and harmless even over-taking.

General health care products add useful functions to the body. The role of bamboo salt is the removal of the body toxins so as to enable the cells work free and easy in a comfortable environment.

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