Is there a cure for diabetes?

I wonder is there a cure for diabetes since 19 years ago. Now, I would like to share with you my journey to overcome diabetes naturally. This is how the story begins.

“I can’t believe your HbA1c has dropped from 10.4% to 7.2%”, the doctor smile and say to me.

I have been suffering diabetes for 19 years. Hospital and clinic are the most visited places of mine. However, the blood sugar level is still high.

I have tried plenty of health supplements, Chinese herbs, natural herbs for diabetes. I spent a lot of money on finding an answer to this question, “how to cure type 2 diabetes permanently?”.

I’m desperate to find natural remedies for lowering blood sugar. I’m easily lured by friend’s recommendation instead of professional advice. If my friends say a product reverse diabetes naturally, I will definitely buy it without think twice.

However, none of all those so called natural type 2 diabetes treatment has shown to be diabetes natural cures that work for long term.

Then, I look for advice from the product vendor. Surprisingly, their answers are almost same. They want me to increase the product dosage and try other supplement they sell at the mean time. Again and again, it ends up with disappointment.

Every time I told myself that I will no longer believe in natural remedies for diabetes again. But even if I have taken the medicine and insulin injection on time, the blood sugar still flying high. Therefore, after reading the diabetes testimonial of a product, I can’t stop myself from buying.

blood sample picking

I watch at numerous tiny pores that fill up my finger tips (due to blood glucose test) while waiting for a natural diabetes cure.

Diabetes cure found: The ancient food that cures diabetes naturally

This time, God gives me a chance! I come to know HKIII Bamboo Salt via Facebook. However, I hardly believe their slogan, “Lowering Blood Sugar Level in 7 Days”. I think this is certainly a business for making money by deliberately exaggerate the effectiveness.

I subconsciously click on the comments area and read through it. There is a diabetic patient whose blood sugar level has dropped from 20mmol/L down to 4mmol/L after taking HKIII. OMG, how can I believe this result is achieved in as short as 3 months. I have tried countless product but no one seem to be effective. How can it be!

I study the company and product information carefully. After 9 months of hesitation, I have decided to take the leap.

Ok! I’ll try it!


Not long after I first try the HKIII Bamboo Salt.


I receive a message from HKIII inform me about the “HKIII Diabetes Nutrition Course”. I listen carefully until the end the the Online Class. It is mind blowing, the eating habits I think which is right, actually wrong.

I follow the best diet for type 2 diabetes shared by HKIII nutritionist. Also, I drink Bamboo Salt water daily.

It is life changing! I reverse type 2 diabetes successfully!



After 3 months, I go and collect my health report. “I cannot believe your HbA1c has dropped from 10.4% to 7.2%”, the doctor smile and say to me.

God! This is unbelievable. For 19 years, my HbA1c never less than 10.4%. Now, it is 7.2% and my morning fasting blood sugar is only 5.8mmol/L.

This is my medical report. HbA1c drops from 10.4% to 7.2%.

hba1c result beforehba1c result after

Until today, I still continue to believe and take HKIII bamboo salt. For 19 years, I first experience natural relief from type 2 diabetes!

I am really grateful to HKIII bamboo salt, I will continue to strive to maintain my blood sugar stable! If you are like me, try a lot of products with no effective, disheartened and losing hope; give yourself and HKIII bamboo salt a chance.

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Testimonial:ANN SIEW, Singapore

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