Why should the elders hold bamboo salt in mouth regularly?

Infants and young children have a very strong function of saliva secretion but along with the increase in age, a corresponding reduction in saliva secretion may happen on the elders. The main reasons lead to the reduction in saliva secretion for the elderly are: the severe recession of spleen, lung, kidney and other organs, the deterioration of the biological and revitalizing capacity. The reduction in the physiological secretion for the elders is the result of salivary gland cells and duct epithelial cells degenerate so the functions of salivary gland is weakened at the same time. If the elder holds bamboo salt more regularly in mouth, bamboo salt may stimulate the salivary gland’s secretory function to produce saliva largely. It not only supplies moisture in the body, but also greatly facilitates the dietary digestion.

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