Doctors always advise patients with hypertension to eat less salt. At this point, what is the foundation that bamboo salt may heal hypertension?

First of all, we should believe that it is right for a doctor to advise patients with hypertension to eat less salt. Why? In fact, the salt that we are talking about is the refined salt, more precisely called sodium chloride (NaCl). Sodium chloride has a significant impact on high blood pressure, so we also advise you to eat less sodium chloride if you have hypertension. We know the causes of high blood pressure can be very complex and there are at least more than 270 kinds of inducement, including blood vessels, blood, heart, hormonal barriers, genetic factors and so on. From the perspective of disease, hypertension in fact refers to the elevation of blood pressure which can cause the expansion of blood vessels and finally lead to some dangerous diseases. How does the high pressure in blood form? From the view of blood flow, it is caused by the toxic gases and impurities in blood.

How can the blood form toxic gas? Toxic gas is generated by the decay of some substances. When the nature of food has changed into rancid, rotten, toxic gas may be produced. Its direct consequence is that the small intestine which absorbs and digests nutrients and even large intestine may finally corrupt due to the gas. In other words, the so-called digestion and decay imply that food may not be digested if the decay doesn’t exist in a sense. Therefore, the nutrients in food that we absorb after digestion may enter the blood together with toxic gas. Both of them are in fact inseparable. Fortunately, human body possesses an incredible ability to remove toxic gas itself (including impurity). Where does the ability come from? It is from the “salt” in blood.

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Therefore, the emphasis on salt quality not only affects the quality of the blood but also the quality of life. At the time our cells absorb nutrition, the entrance of toxic gas will be retained and absorbed by salinity and removed out of the body through urine. That is the reason why we often find that there is always a pungent smell released from urine. But if the blood contains insufficient salt or impure salinity, or even contains too much sugar, then the sugar in blood may also take part in this decay. Therefore, the volume of toxic gas may increase at this stage so that the blood pressure may become higher, the burden of the blood vessels may further be exacerbated.

In a word, high blood pressure is caused by the insufficiency of salt. Actually there is quite a number of medical scientists hold the point of view all over the world. However, doctors and nutritionists are constantly emphasizing the less intake of salt, it virtually can mislead the eaters that: “Salt and high blood pressure are irreconcilable.” The real situation is: low-grade salt may induce hypertension and many modern diseases, in order to stay healthy, to eat less or even say no to low-grade salt.

What kind of salt is called low-grade salt? When salt which toxic gas isn’t completely cleansed, balanced nutrition is destroyed, the original nature becomes disrupted and both abilities to absorb nutrition and engulf poisonous gas are lost enters the body will in the affirmative soon lead to or aggravate people’s high blood pressure. Here leads to a concept: Salt itself isn’t the key to hypertension, but the impurities and toxic gas in salt. If there are any possibilities to weed out the toxic gas, restore the original nature of salt, enrich its minerals and enhance the energy of salt, the salt won’t then induce high blood pressure after it enters the human blood. On the contrary, it will restrain the toxic gas and impurities in blood and remove them out of the body through the urine or the other channels.

There is also one more point which is important to high blood pressure: No matter how high the blood pressure is, once the microcirculation, so-called capillaries in body, can let blood flow smoothly, then the vascular rupture will not happened. We often meet some people whose mouth or body always emits very unpleasant smell. It shows that the blood in the body has already contained some putrefaction. If the body’s capillaries are still at normal stage, the pungent gas can release through the mouth, nose, skin and other parts. But, if the sugar and nicotine flowing in blood become viscous, they may one day condense the capillaries and cause blockage of capillaries. A variety of impurities, such as preservatives which can block the capillaries can also be the cause of hypertension. Since bamboo salt is a pure high-energy material with small particles. The more smaller particles, the greater energy may gain; furthermore salt has the characteristics to help the flow of the blood; it fitly tells us that salt and blood are non-separable and only salt is the right and proper substance for blood cleansing. Small salt particles have the ability to unblock the blockage of the capillaries in the human body by different means. We describe a human body a transportation network; each thoroughfare and road, even a path can be unblocked by bamboo salt so that the blood may flow without any congestion. Bruise, coagulation, thrombosis and other impurities can so be eliminated. At this time, will the blood pressure be risen at the time?

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