The “dizziness” after the bamboo salt consumption

In fact, the “dizziness” is a turn for a better, recovering reaction. In Chinese medicine, “illness and diseases are not able to be cured if dizziness doesn’t occur. Bamboo salt has no side effect and it will not cause any illness or other adverse reactions brought by the bamboo salt consumption. But, you will have some “symptoms” and sometimes they seem rather serious, too. Not to worry. These are good reactions. Among many experiences, we find that only a few particular diseases’ sufferers’ react especially obvious.

Sufferers of nephritis

Some people may get swollen hands, legs and face after experiencing the first three-day    bamboo salt consumption. This is because bamboo salt itself has a strong detoxification and    anti-inflammation functions which plays its role to speed up the metabolic rate. As the result, the weak kidney will temporarily lose its functions and comes with the result that a large deal of residual moisture in the body and finally causes edema.

Not to worry. With the recovery of renal function, all the swelling will be gone. The swelling will disappear in three days on mild sufferers. The recovery may not exceed a half month on the severe sufferers.

* Kidney disease’s sufferers may possibly choose “Hold-in-Mouth method.

Gastrointestinal disease, patients with sputum

There may be nausea, vomiting or diarrhea and other reactions just at the beginning of bamboo salt consumption. This is the process of detoxification and is a recovering reaction. You can gradually increase the dose of the consumption.

High blood pressure, diabetes patients

It is better to choose the first or second consumption method. Try less the “cool water” consumption.

Patients with toxins’ accumulation in bodies

Patients with the condition may occur fever, chills, symptoms of eczema after bamboo salt consumption. Acne on the face, tumefaction on the body may possibly pop up on severe cases. This is not because bamboo salt does not suit you but too much toxins has been accumulated in the body. When bamboo salt performs its role of detoxification, it also eliminates the waste and toxins from the body.

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