People are mostly aware of the basic of diabetes. Why do we find high sugariness in the urine of a diabetic patient? In a sense, diabetes can also be referred as “Sugar poisoning”, like the symptoms shown in smoke poisoning, alcohol poisoning. Sure enough, it is necessary to maintain the life with sugar and normality. The body will become so unusual once the intake of sugar isn’t enough. However, the body temperature will drop if the body absorbs too much sugar. If the temperature continues to drop, it will eventually lead to the passivity of blood supply to the heart and blood circulation, and death. In order to maintain life, an automatic control system in the body approaches a method on the use of a special coordination on its own: to excrete sugariness through urine. In order to maintain human life, the automatic control system in the body approaches a method on the use of a special coordination: through urine. It is in fact a process of self-regulation but not merely a phenomenon of a disease however modern medicine recognizes the phenomenon as a disease. Once the sugar level is more than the normal state, a variety of bacteria and germs will be bred in the body so the blood will definitely be very muddy and viscous. Salt, will never be viscous by the square. Then, when the viscosity and turbidity of blood has formed, what kind of phenomenon will be occurred?

Let us talk about capillaries. Capillaries which function can be expedient are not inferior to artery and heart. So long as capillaries are not blocked, the heart will never stop beating. Capillaries are those fine blood vessels inside the human body. There is much fine hair on capillaries is the characteristic of capillaries. This hair has powerful filtering function to impurity. The more important point is that it helps thrust blood circulation, it is so-called the role of thrusters. Capillaries are same as the heart, containing the characteristics of contraction and relaxation so as to promote the blood to flow through the body instead of flowing against the original state. This is an important task of the capillaries. If the capillaries are too tiny, red blood cells can’t pass through the tiny capillaries at the same time the protein in the nutrition we take will become impassable. The kidney and liver contain these capillaries, too and the main role of the capillaries is to purify the blood so as to circulate the pure blood in the body and get rid of the impure blood out of the body. What results will it cause if the capillaries which play an important role in the body are blocked?

The blood in diabetic patients contains a lot of sugar which may damage capillaries when the blood passes through the capillaries. As a result, the capillaries are blocked and a lot of bacteria and germs are bred in the blocked area. Diabetic patients whose hands and palms are always numb by the cold. To such degree of that the patients’ capillaries on liver or kidneys and other organs have become damaged. It worsens the blood flow so some disease complications may emerge and lead to the heart of hysteresis.

Therefore, the purpose of blood cleansing relies on the attention to the care of capillaries. The role of bamboo sale is to absorb, swallow and get rid of the impurity attached on capillaries so that the turbidity and impurity in blood or on the blood vessel wall can be removed eventually. Bamboo salt is so far the only food that can accomplish this task in the world. That’s the reason why, the sweat that excretes from our constitutions always comes with slight saltiness.

Generally, diabetic patients do not sweat. Even if they sometimes sweat, the sweat does not contain any saltiness. It isn’t the sweat containing heat, however cold sweat. Therefore, the use of pure and high-energy bamboo salt may control sugar furthermore the gradual increase of bamboo salt consumption is an effective way to suppress the growth of diabetes, too. One common problem faced by people today is that almost all the food we take contains high -sugar level therefore diabetic patients must not lose sight of the bamboo salt intake in their diet. In fact, medicine doesn’t provide any curing treatment but diet does; diet, is the real treatment that doesn’t come up with any sequelae.

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