Bamboo salt is a scientific product- The fourth knowledge on nature health

Bamboo salt is a scientific product- The fourth knowledge on nature health

Bamboo salt has increasingly been admired by worldwide people and it is said a “miraculous healthy salt”, “treasure vault of minerals”, the “king of detoxification” and more eulogies. Natural sea salt contains minerals originally. After several times’ roasting at high temperature, the content of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, silica in bamboo salt will much be enhanced. In particular, an increase in the zinc content is the most (5 times more than natural salt). Bamboo salt has a great ability in building and strengthening muscles and bones, and enhancing immune system, it is all due to its great relationship with zinc. Zinc also plays an important role for male sexual functions, too.

The excellence of bamboo salt, it first enables to supply the serious deficiency of minerals and trace elements largely and regain the balance of chemical ion in human body. Here, we can’t mix the minerals in bamboo salt with the minerals in multi-various salt. The former is the compound of natural minerals. The latter is the addition of artificial minerals. These are two different concepts in their natures.

Special notes:

Clinical proof has shown that selenium is able to cleanse and neutralize heavy-metal toxins, prevent the cause of digestive system’s diseases and female galactophore cancer. It has a remarkable treating effect on urinary system’s diseases, cancers and leukemia. There are thousands of resources under the ocean that every living thing on the earth lives on. Nuclear arsenic is the most important resource of all. Supposing that salt is the condensate of the vitality of the ocean then nuclear arsenic is the nucleus of the salt. When the toxins in the air and the toxins on the ground combines, the toxins will turn into bacteria so that arouse cancers and the other formidable diseases. The combination of the toxins may cause the living things living on ground suffer from various kinds of disease. Curing may not be effective if the “king of poison”, nuclear arsenic, is not used.

The arsenic in table salt, depends upon its content, can be a deadly poison and cause a dreadful harm to human body. After the burning process at 1000 Celsius high temperature, the virulent arsenic in bamboo salt has been neutralized under the complement of various drug properties (especially the nature of drug found in bamboos) and other trace elements. The rest is the “savior substances” kept in help of treating diseases and keeping healthy.

There are more and more modern people suffering from adiposity. Adiposity’s sufferers possess typical acidic bodies; it is also the “source of all illness and diseases”. It is caused by the excessive meat and acidic food intake. Bamboo salt is a kind of alkaline food with a notable effect in treating over-weight bodies (acidic bodies) meanwhile, it is also suitable for treating chronic illness or diseases and even cutting weight down by eliminating “acidic adipose” (unwanted fat). *(The secret of losing weight: What is triumph? Persistence is the triumph. To those sisters who failed in losing weight. Do you believe in my words? Take some bamboo salt from now on and take a stroll for 30 minutes a day. Only a month needed. You will find and feel surprise that the fatty body and unwanted fat have finally gone away at that time. You will totally transform into a beauty that none of your friends or relatives can even recognize then. But, there is a type of people considered hopeless – those who stop in the halfway.) From the view of PH’s distribution in the human body, the digestive juice presents acidity (1.50). That’s why most of the patients with stomach trouble are mostly caused by the over production of gastric juice. In modern medicine, salt is thought an increasing burden on the stomach. It is perhaps a conclusion of the presentation of acidity in table salt.

However, bamboo salt is an alkaline food. Alkaline bamboo salt and acidic body fluid will react with neutralization in human bodies so that to achieve a new balance between acid and alkali. Relatively, many of other diseases, except stomach trouble, can be cured well. So what we can understand from here is that bamboo salt has an effective curing effect to different diseases under one treating method. Bamboo salt not only changes parts of body health while the whole one. Bamboo salt can penetrate into our cells deeply and melt in body fluid equally so as to clean the whole body, but not to confine a particular part or a certain organ. As a result, bamboo salt often performs its miraculous effect to ameliorate those unfound diseases which haven’t even been discovered by the sufferers themselves with unawareness. In addition, bamboo salt is mainly directed to a whole – the whole body and improves the overall physical health.

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