Anti-allergic Function

According to a study done by researchers, Bamboo Salt can suppress immediate-type of allergic reactions. By oral administration or intradermal injection of Bamboo Salt, it significantly inhibits swelling from allergic reactions by inhibiting the release of histamine (Shin, Hey-Yong, 2004).

Anti-obesity Function

A very recent scientific study has found that Bamboo Salt reduces the overall body weight as well as lowers the serum lipid level. This study suggests that intake of Bamboo Salt may have preventive effect on obesity (Park, Kun-Young, et. al. 2013).

Anti-cancer Function

Scientific researchers have found that salt in general contains methanol extracts that have antimutagenic and anticlastogenic effects. However when comparing regular purified salt and solar salt with one-time roasted Bamboo Salt and nine-times roasted Bamboo Salt, the scientists have found that the Bamboo Salt have a much higher anticancer and anticlastogenic effect than the other salts (Hwang, Kyung-Mi, et al., 2007; Park, Kun-Young et. al., 2012).

Dental Treatment and Preventive Care

In another scientific research, researchers have found that dental patients who use a bamboo solution for gurgling, have a significantly increase in the level of enamel hardness and a decrease of mineral loss than patients who use plain water for gurgling (Choi, CH, et. al., 2012). Another study found that toothpastes that contain Bamboo Salt contributes to the reducing effects on dental plaque formation and lessens the chance of gingivitis (Min, B.S., et. al., 1995).

Anti-inflammatory Function

Although salts in general all have inflammatory properties, Bamboo Salt is found to have a much significant effect on treating inflammations. Therefore, it contributes significantly to the prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases (Shin, Hye-Young, et. al., 2003).

Preventive Care for Salmonella Entertidis

A laboratory study examined 20 different kinds of salts (refined salts, roasted salts, processed salts, imported salts, sea salts, and Bamboo Salts) and their ability to fight off Salmonella entertidis. Out of the 20 salt samples, only Bamboo Salts were found with the property of fighting against Salmonella. It was later found that Bamboo Salts contain a low concentration of active antimicrobial substance that inhibits the growth of microorganisms (Moon, JH, et. al., 2009).

Treatment and Preventive Care for Candida Yeast Infection

The special active antimicrobial substance found in Bamboo Salt is also a great treatment for any bacterial, fungus, and viral infection. In clinical studies, it is confirmed that the antimicrobial substance not only stops the growth of bacteria, fungus, and virus, it also prevents their growth (Moon, JH, et. al., 2009). In addition, the property of Bamboo Salt being a sea salt, it works like any other sea salt in suppressing yeast infection and all the nasty symptoms that comes with the infection. In combination, the sea salt property and the antimicrobial property of Bamboo Salt is effective in preventing a Candida Yeast Infection.

Reducer of Chemotherapy Side-Effects

Cisplatin is a highly effective chemotherapeutic agent that rids the human body of cancerous cells. But it has a significant side effect of accelerating the death the auditory cochlear hair cells. However Bamboo Salt has a specific chemical effect that inhibits a specific protein channel that regulates the cell death of the auditory system. As a result, of the blockage, the cochlear hair cells stop dying, and hearing is preserved (Jeong, Hyun-Ja, et. al., 2011).

Preventive Care for the Ear

]Magnesium in Bamboo Salt can help prevent or treat noise-induced hearing loss (Jeong, Hyun-Ja, et. al., 2011).

Anti-gastric Ulcer Treatment

Bamboo Salt generates hydrogen sulfide which acts as a gasotransmitter like NO and CO. These chemicals have physiological effects including anti-inflammation, anti-hypertension, as well as the improvement of the insulin sensitivity (Saroraya, Chanmuang, et. al., 2011).


It has been shown that Bamboo Salt contributes to the improvement of glucose tolerance and high glucose uptake in skeletal muscles (Saroraya, Chanmuang, et. al., 2011).

Treatment for Arthritis

When used with acupuncture, it alleviates arthritis (Xu, Kai-Sheng, 2009). With higher content of magnesium than Epsom salt and Dead Sea salt, it is evident that Bamboo Salt is effective for alleviating arthritis ache in joints and muscles.

Treatment for Sore Throat

As an inflammatory agent, Bamboo Salt can be used to lessen the inflammation in the throat and suppress the aching resulting from the inflammation (Choi, CH, et. al., 2012).


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