Is bamboo salt a medicine? What is the difference between bamboo salt and medicine?

Bamboo salt is not a medicine yet a natural and healthy food. What are the differences between bamboo salt and medicine? Strictly speaking, “medicine” and “pharmaceutical” are so different. Pharmaceutical is only a part of medicine yet, “medicine” covers in a wide range that so long as it is beneficial for human health or with curing effects, that is so-called “medicine”. For example, the sun is called the natural medicine and garlic is called the eaten medicine. There is an old Chinese saying: medicine and food are in the homology.” “Medicine” may not be pharmaceutical yet pharmaceutical is definitely a medicine.

So, “medicine” may be distinguished into upper, middle and lower medicine. The ancients thought that the medicine for longevity is considered the “medicine at upper level; medicine for strength’s conservation and storing energy up is the medicine at middle level; the lower level medicine is considered the one which cures common illness.

The ancients treat the lower level medicine as “poison”. The medicine is said consisting three tenths poison because it may harm human organs, especially liver. Further more, it can only aim at a particular treatment and the medicine taker doesn’t react with a basic recovering reaction like dizziness. On the other hand it may bring along the other side illness and destroy human immunity. The medicine is said consisting three tenths poison.

Bamboo salt is a pollution-free, nutritionally balanced and effectively detoxifying natural healthy food with a miraculous effect. While restoring the functions in the body, it helps strengthen the immune system, too. No side effects caused after a long-term consumption is one of the important characteristics of food. The self-healing function of bamboo salt is by means of recuperation, restoration to enhance the completion of healing. In this sense, bamboo salt is a “divine medicine” for modern people to suppress diseases and it is indispensable.

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