How is bamboo salt made?

After natural sea salt and three years’ growth bamboos are selected then stuff the bamboo tubes with the sea salt and seal the opening up with pure loess from deep valley; choose a particular position and arrange the bamboo tubes filled with sea salt in an upright position in a unique furnace. Keep them in good order and roast them with pines.

Being encompassed by wild greens and mountains, the breath of wind echoes through the forest; rivulets and tender wind are around the forest, the gurgling of water lingers in the air. The burning of pines pulses through the vitality of woods, boiling salt-fluid surges the prime of the ocean and immensity of the heaven and earth.

From the first to the ninth roasting; ignition, a rise in temperature, high temperature: a fall in the temperature, refrigeration, coagulation.

With different temperature and rhythm, the bamboo salt is repeatedly roasted. Finally, the high temperature above 1000 ℃ evaporates the humidity of sea salt. According to the oriental theory of Yin and Yang, five elements consists of complementary nature in spite of their opposite nature, fire element produces soil element, soil element produces gold element.

Copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, germanium, selenium and other minerals and trace elements, found in bamboos, soil and pines, are what modern people lack nowadays. All of these minerals have amalgamated with the sea salt. At the same time, high temperature above 1000 ℃ can transform the impurity, harmful substances into gas and release it, especially to those heavy metals which can cause serious harm to human bodies so that the essence of bamboos, sulfur, rosin in pines and the nature of drug in loess will infiltrate through the salt.

Under the burning at high temperature above 1500 ℃, sea salt has melted in the 9th roasting and changed into trickle. After the trickle flows out of the furnace, it will slowly refrigerate into grey lava. Afterwards, we have to crush up the lava. This is the bamboo salt we recognize. Bamboo salt comes from the nature, acclimatizes to the nature and surpasses the nature and has abundant contents. It not only contains a lot of mysterious power but also comes with oriental ancient wisdom. We have interpreted some of the mysteries yet some of them are still the unsolved puzzles.

The medicinal purpose of raw materials determines the characteristics of bamboo salt

Bamboo salt, which contains an amazing efficacy, is a substantial basic food. It is not a kind of drugs, yet its efficacy is much more efficacious than any other drugs. Bamboo salt has combined the excellence of food and drugs. Not only can it effectively avoid the insufficiency of medicinal purpose of food but also recuperate the imperfection of drug toxins. Today, we live in the era full of pollution. A unique kind of food, like bamboo salt is really suitable for all modern people’s health care and healing. Where do these characteristics of bamboo salt come from? Analysis has shown that it is not difficult to find out that there is a very close tie among the characteristics of bamboo salt, the selection of their raw materials and their very special processing methods. These materials include natural sea salt, bamboo, pine resin, the loess and so on.

Natural sea salt

There are many definitions about salt’s characteristics since ancient time till now. Oriental medicine classics – “Compendium of Materia Medica” (Bencao Gangmu) prepared by Li Shi Zhen records: Oshio, tasted both salty and sweet, cold in nature, is a toxin-free substance. Attending: gastrointestinal fever, retrograde asthma (Asthma is against the original state), stuffy chest and etc. After consuming salt, the accumulation of phlegm in the lungs and sudden pain in the heart and stomach will be cleared up through vomiting the unclean substances.

Bamboo salt can also remove the noxious gases and erosion of the lower part, as well as strengthen the bone and skin’s immune system. It can also clear flu up, vomit or reduce unclean substances, kill insects, eliminate skin toxins, recuperate viscera and internal organs and digest food residues so as to provide health to mankind and cure the internal organs such as kidney, bladder, heart and so on. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” has also recorded that “salt can cleanse and detoxify the blood, nourish body heat, soothe the pain and itch and cure every type of diseases and illnesses.” In another Chinese medical book “Ben Jing Shu Zheng” has also recorded that once salt melts in mouth, it is helpful to promote saliva therefore we have to drink more water to stimulate the saliva in order to vomit unclean substances out of the body.” In Chinese medical book “Da Ming Ri Chinese herbs” has recorded: salt is helpful in defecation, hernia treatment and viscera nourishment. Salt involves in the formation of blood and gastric juice directly. This juice and blood are the basic driving force to human life. Salt can also reject the old cells and help absorb the new cells so as to promote metabolism, regulate the osmotic pressure of body fluid in order to balance both acid and alkali in body and play antidotal effect, the elimination of abscess, sterilization, prevention of corrosion, as well as to generate a variety of digestive enzymes, strengthen the bowel peristalsis, help digestion and many other functions.


In Chinese medicine, bamboo is treated as an important herb used to nourish the dry parts of one’s body and purify the blood. Furthermore, it is able to lower heat, get rid of the phlegm in lungs, ease irritating throat and treat mild stroke, epilepsy, tetanus, the frequency of urination, somniloquy, postpartum sweat, blood vomit, bleeding gums, nausea and other diseases. In the civil, bamboo juice, known as the essence of bamboo, was always treated as a kind of “sacred water” due to its miraculous effect. Bamboo contains iron, aluminum, magnesium, calcium, barium and dozens of minerals, and other useful components.


Treasures are all over pine trees. Pine needles, pine bark, pine cones, pine flowers, matsutake and so on. Everything related to pine is considered as a drug. We can treat turpentine as the saliva or blood of pine trees. Turpentine can repair injured flesh, soothe the pain, kill insects, absorb purulence and so on. It can also eliminate the heat in the stomach, nourish the lungs, harden bones and teeth and strengthen the ability of hearing and eyesight. It not only enables to soothe viscera and internal organs, but also quenches one’s thirst easily. Russian medical experts believe that the turpentine has an outstanding anti-cancer effect. The University of Rochester in New York once did a trial on animals and they removed the mercury toxin from the animal’s body with the turpentine successfully.


Loess – the medium for the perfect combination between nature and mankind, is a sacred territory to recover life. In the process of bamboo salt’s production, we seal the opening up with the loess without being fertilized. This kind of loess doesn’t contain any toxins. Loess can cure stomach diseases like dysentery and diarrhea, as well as eliminate the virus caused by over stomach heat, relieve medicine, poultry and wild fungus poisoning. It is also efficacious to diseases like malignant ulcer and jaundice. Loess contains a large number of oxygen and essential trace elements. Its emissivity of negative Ion and far infrared ray is much higher than any other substances. Far infrared ray penetrates the radiant heat into the depth of the skin, is a very useful electromagnetic waves. The coagulation and contaminant in the body has caused too much density of positive Ion at the outer layer of membrane. The negative ion is functional to cleanse the circumstance and adjust the yin and yang of the body.

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