Bamboo Salt and Disease III

The accumulation of poison

Both hands and feet are the starting point and ending point of body gas. That’s why; both hands and feet of ours need to keep active so as to make the whole body’s gas to flow normally. However, modern people are too indulgent in comfort and do not usually exercise their hands and feet. It has caused the gas flow abnormal and the prevalence of the “ageing begins from the feet”.

Pour hot water into a basin and allow the water covers the feet. Add 80 to 100 grams of bamboo salt into the basin to melt it into bamboo salt water. To immerse the feet in this kind of water more than 30 minutes. Water immersed by feet will not change its nature of drug and can continually be used. However, due to evaporation of salt so it is necessary to add some more bamboo salt once again after a few days.

If one of the family members can help massage the sole of the feet while the feet are immersed in the hot water, better results will soon be obtained. To persist the way of detoxification for a half month, the swelling caused by the virus will disappear in addition a variety of diseases related to feet, such as feet’s dampness or eczema may be eradicated. The blood flow of the lower limbs can be promoted and the stroke prevention will have a significant effect.

Stomach cramps

Most stomach cramps sufferers can take medicine or pills to cure the cramp yet it is rather troublesome if stomach cramps happens on a pregnant woman. This is because pregnant women have to get away from any medicine or pills basically. What should we do with this issue? To add a spoonful of bamboo salt into a glass of hot rice wine, drink it in a breath, an immediate effective result will be given soon. In addition, it won’t cause any side effects to the fetus so there aren’t any worries needed.

Burns, food poisoning

Mix bamboo salt powder with cucumber juice densely then apply the burned part of the dying one burned by fire with in. Soon, an incredible miraculous effect will be shown. If there is someone who has miseaten poisonous substance like hydrochloric acid, his life can be saved by drinking elm root soup added with bamboo salt. When a child gets pesticide poisoning, before sending him to the hospital, adults may feed him with a glass of dense warm bamboo salt water and use a finger to stimulate its throat and make him vomit the toxicity out.

A paroxysm of severe cough

When a sudden severe cough occurs, it is a must to drink a glass of diluted salt water. It will then come with an incredible effect. 70% of human body is made up by water; every function of one’s body, even breathing can’t even be away from water. Once water becomes insufficient in a body, it will secrete histamine to prevent the moisture loss. But too much histamine will become terrible toxin. This is why there are many antihistamines in the treatment of all diseases. Histamine will cause the contraction of bronchial so as to stop the loss of water from the lungs however it will cause cough. We not only can drink bamboo salt water at the situation to help supply water, but also relax the bronchial contraction and eliminate histamine at the same time.


When the hands or feet are unable to move caused by accidental collision. Fry some bamboo salt in a wok then apply the injured part with the hot fried bamboo salt. An effective effect may immediately be shown. Bamboo salt will emit infrared red after receiving the heat. When infrared red penetrates into the human body, it will warm the body inside out thereby eliminate the contusion. Treatment like this can also recuperate chronic neuralgia.

Corns, dermatophytosis

The occurrence of the symptoms like beriberi, dampness, eczema, corns can effectively be cured when sprinkling some bamboo salt powder on the lesion after applying some diluted bamboo salt water. However, when the whole legs are covered by dampness, the above method will be a very slow treatment. To add 3 or 4 grams of bamboo salt into some hot water then put the feet in the bamboo salt water to immerse. The effect is extremely significant. The bamboo salt water can be used for more than 10 times. Towards the larger corn, clean it with some bamboo salt water in the advance then sprinkle a little of bamboo salt onto the corn, and seal it up with adhesive plaster every day and night.

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