Bamboo salt and constipation – The sixth knowledge on natural health

Constipation is actually the “source” of all diseases nevertheless bamboo salt is the malefic of constipation. Many people have ever experienced constipation but seldom people treat the problem as a kind of illness. However, constipation not only is a kind of sickness, it can also be a kind of terrific disease because constipation has disobeyed the natural circulatory rule of “When there is an entrance, there is always an exit” and destroyed normal metabolism and let the problem develop till the severe causes. In fact, constipation itself isn’t terrific. The most terrific thing is that it will bring other diseases, like high blood pressure, heart attack, adiposity, diabetes and even cancers. These diseases severely threaten and endanger modern people’s health and even the lives. As the result, it isn’t an alarmism to say that constipation is actually the source of all diseases. Constipation not only is a kind of illness, but also a terrific disease. Women who suffer from constipation may look dull mostly no matter how much cosmetic has been put on. Still, they have to tolerant the other  problems, such as pimple, freckle, acne, menstruation pain, get cold in both feet and hands, back ache, headache and so on. Nay, if the constipation gives much pressure to womb or bladder, blood circulation will be blocked and eventually cause hyperemia and inflammation. The even worse thing is that constipation has relation to mastoid cancer. According to the research in the medical college of Los Angeles in America, the comparison shows that  the women who excrete fewer than three times in a week, the excretion of mastoid juice may contain five times larger number of abnormal cells than the women who are able to excrete once daily.

Constipation and modern illness/diseases

It may be too extreme to describe constipation is the source of modern illness/diseases. But constipation isn’t merely unable to excrete; it can also elicit many other diseases, too. To indulge its existence may consequently cause numerous problems and troubles. Intestine cancer: Constipation gives a direct influence to the normal function of viscera; once bile is unable to break fat down as the result carcinogen may be caused by it. Constipation stimulates the cause of carcinogen vice-versa carcinogen influences the excretory function. Once the vicious circulation gets worse, the higher opportunity to the cause the intestine cancer. Except suffering from the cancers, every intestine cancer sufferer and rectum cancer sufferer suffers from constipation, too. This is not a coincidence in certainty.

High blood pressure 

People pay much concern about blood pressure, but always neglect the problem of constipation. In fact, to those high blood pressure sufferers, constipation is in fact their greatest enemy. Sufferers who suffer from constipation excrete the waste out of body forcibly, the blood pressure will instantly rise 50 to 60mm in mercury measurement. To imagine that if your blood pressure was 160mm in mercury measurement, your blood pressure would easily go beyond 200mm in mercury measurement if you excreted forcibly. This is the reason why some high pressure sufferers lose their consciousness in the toilet all of the sudden. In addition, it isn’t strange to understand that constipation adds more pressure in stomach due to the long-term stagnation of waste. A lot of people still don’t know the real cause of constipation so they keep consuming purgative without awareness. Consequently, it causes a great deal of loss in calcium ion which is actually an important substance to play in the heart metabolism and directly influences the beat of heart. The loss of calcium ion weakens the beating of the heart and finally causes the rise of blood pressure.

The so-called “inveterate excrement” means the long-term stagnation of excreta in the bowels. Normally, there are 20% to 40% of people suffering from constipation and inveterate excrement may be presented on each of these people. The long-term meat and processed food consumption, as well as the usual gluttony can lead intestinal wall thin and weak. The lack of exercise can also guide the intestinal wall to lose its elasticity and become sagging therefore many wrinkles are formed. These wrinkles are the places that inveterate excrement calls them homes. They not only weaken the functions of the intestine, but also damage the functions of the whole body. Even if those who can clear the bowel normally, still have to pay attention to the inveterate excrement because it can easily become the breeding ground for all diseases. (Inveterate excrement is the source of all diseases in the world) The China’s renowned scientist Wong Chong Jiu in Han Dynasty once mentioned that to clean the bowel regularly is a must if longevity is one’s goal.

Constipation and detoxification with bamboo salt

There are many ways to treat constipation, for instance: clysters, purgative consumption. Stomach wash, fibrous food consumption, fasting and so on. Briefly speaking, the choice of natural detoxification without any side effect is indeed the best method.

Drinking cool water in the morning is beneficial for treating constipation. This is because cool water can stimulate stomach so as to stimulate intestine as well. But, it isn’t beneficial enough for cleansing the toxic heat in the body; it needs the participation of salt. Experts have found out that to drink the ion water with the value of pH more than eight, the time that the food takes to reach the intestine can be shortened by 40%. This is because calcium ion is able to stimulate the flexibility of intestine. Bamboo salt is an alkali food with the value of PH more than 10. Its ability of penetration, detoxification and regaining new cells by getting rid of bad cells is super-powerful therefore it can totally clear the inveterate excrement away. Bamboo salt is effective in clearing the stagnation of excreta. Nay, the method of intestine cleansing with bamboo salt is also an effective treatment against weight gaining.