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HKIII is a meaningful brand that condenses the philosophy of the founders. The alphabets HK stands for Health King and the 3 strokes (III) stands for health, love and sustainable business. The yellowish green curve at the bottom represents the foundation of the business is providing health products and services to the community with a loving heart. The yellowish red curve at the above represents the proper way of business development that generates good wealth for the distributors and sustainable business for their next generations.

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HKIII Bamboo Salt is owned by KLS Marketing Sdn. Bhd. which is established since 2003. After 12 years efforts, the bamboo salt has become a symbol of health. It is especially good at detoxification and revitalization of cells. Testimonials of fast improvement on chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes mellitus, hypertension, high uric acid, cancer, arthritis, gastric, hemorrhoids and etc.) and minor ailments (e.g. toothache and constipation) are frequently reported. Besides, we have learnt so much from our clients because they have found other usages of bamboo salt about skin care, oral care, eye care, special food recipe, hangover relieve and so on. Therefore, HKIII Bamboo Salt is now projected as a multi-functional product.



Diabetes Mellitus

Five years ago, I was suffering form diabetes. I felt weak and dozed off easily. After 5 months consumption of HKIII bamboo salt, my blood sugar level has been backing to normal! For those who have any health problem, please do not hesitate to try bamboo salt for a health solution! Thanks.

Diabetes Mellitus, Constipation, Insomnia.

I have been a patient with diabetes and high blood pressure for about five years. Even though I had tried a variety of medicines and healthcare products, none had seemed effective to me. Until one day, Pak Ngah visited me and introduced bamboo salt to me. Thereafter, I tried bamboo salt and mineral coffee. Thank God that my paralysed right hand recovered and resumed the function to be able to lift heavy things. I practised the consumption by mixing a spoonful of bamboo salt with a little warm water and apply to the affected part which I felt painful. Thank God that my husband decided to be KLS Marketing member since then.


I suffered (on bottom of buttock) for 37 years. The affected area would swell and when it reached a certain size, I would pinch it strongly for oozing out the pus. Then, it shrank and hardened again. At that moment, I knew the “head” of Decubitus was still there, because this cycle repeated every month. Through the introduction of a good friend of mine, I got to know bamboo salt. Usually I take 2-3 sachets a day. After a year of practicing, I just noticed that the “head” had disappeared! So far, I wonder when did I recover form Decubitus. Thank you, HKIII Bamboo Salt!
~Chong Ah Be~

Bleeding Gum, Sore Throat, Mouth Ulcer

I always had a problem to face in the past mornings- my bleeding gum. I bled frequently after I brushed my teeth. And, my throat always felt sore after I ate only fried food. My excretory system didn’t work well, too. Furthermore, I had a mouth ulcer in the past time. But now, these are no longer problems to me since I possess KLS Bamboo Salt!
~Hii Yii Ming~

Diabetes Mellitus, Internal Bile

I have tried three packets of bamboo salt since 2006 July 12. Starting from the second day, I excrete bloody stool for three days. After that, I did not feel troubled again. After one week, I went to government clinic and found that my blood sugar had dropped from 14mmol/L to 7 mmol/L. At the end of the month, I went to clinic again and found that the blood sugar had returned to 6.7mmol/L, the normal level. The doctor told me that the cholesterol in my body had reduced. My body weight has reduced from 95kg to 88kg; 7kg is lost! I run a coffee shop. My customers felt happy and satisfied after trying bamboo salt. Thank to Mr. Hussin who introduced this product to me and KLS Marketing! 

High Uric Acid

I have all the while from 20 years back facing high uric acid ranging from 8.0-9.0 mg/dl. After consuming HKIII bamboo salt for 6 months, my uric acid level drop to 3.8-4.8mg/dl!

Bloated Stomach

Within two months of consuming HKIII bamboo salt did solve my bloated stomach!
~Chong Yunu Ying~

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Is HKIII bamboo salt approved by Ministry of Health (KKM) and HALAL in Malaysia?

Yes, HKIII bamboo salt is approved by both KKM and Halal.

Is HKIII bamboo salt effective to improve diabetes?

HKIII Bamboo salt was proven by scientist that it helps diabetes patient by promoting glucose metabolism and improve insulin sensitivity. Besides that, KLS Marketing has 12 years’ experience in the lowering down sugar level in 7 days and improve overall wellbeing of diabetes people. However, if your blood sugar level is not dropped in 7 days, we give 100% money back guarantee.

Is bamboo salt harmful to our kidney?

Scientist has revealed that bamboo salt is not harmful our body. However, for those who had kidney problem, you are required to consume one sachet per day only. It is because people with weak kidney can’t process high amount of salt in short period of time. Therefore, kidney problem patient can’t consume too much bamboo salt at once.

After consuming HKIII bamboo salt, the blood sugar level is not dropped but it is increased. WHY?

Some individuals may require longer time to lower down the blood sugar level. We have listed down best practices when consuming HKIII:

  1. Do not stop western medication when first consuming HKIII.
  2. Separate one hour when consuming HKIII and western medication/ insulin injection.
  3. Consume low GI foods and avoid high GI foods when undergo HKIII diabetes diet treatment (you may refer to: GI tables).
  4. Sleep before 11pm (or at least before 12pm).
  5. Drink plenty of plain water (> 2.5 liter per day).
  6. Practice low carb diet.
Blood sugar level has been backed to normal; can I stop consuming bamboo salt?

You need 50 days to stabilize your blood sugar level with HKIII. After stabilization of blood sugar, you can continue the product for health maintenance with reduced dosage. Furthermore, after stabilization, you must takes care your diet; otherwise the blood sugar level will increase again due to unhealthy food intake.

What is the difference of HKIII bamboo salt with other brand?

In Korea, it can been found many brands of bamboo salt in market. It depends on the difference in manufacturing process and the difference in raw materials. Furthermore, HKIII Bamboo Salt’s manufacturing process and equipments were patented. HKIII is a unique product.

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